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Why Homeonwers Use Spy Equipment to Prevent Personal Injury Liability

You’ve probably read stories of your Amazon Alexa listening in on your conversations, or

You’ve probably read stories of your Amazon Alexa listening in on your conversations, or concerns of cameras on your laptop secretly monitoring you. You may be worried about that invasion of privacy, but the truth is some people see the benefit of having surveillance in their household. Homeowners are seeing this equipment as an asset that is in their best interest to protect their households, visitors, and anyone who just so happens to be in the area.

Surveillance Footage


The installation of spy equipment in your household can be especially beneficial to defend your side in a personal injury lawsuit. Having a security camera at your front door could be useful to keep an eye on who comes in and out of your home. For example, if someone claims to have slipped and fallen on your steps, they may try to sue you to cover their medical bills. However, having video evidence to the contrary can be your saving grace in the courtroom.

By having cameras with multiple angles from outside your property, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you can provide proof that you are not at fault in the lawsuit. This can even be useful for other parties, like the event of a car accident in front of your home. For example, if someone suffered a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident, police or legal representation may reach out about possible surveillance footage that could show the car accident taking place. This can be used by insurance companies to properly place fault on one driver, and allocate funds properly on a claim.

Hidden Cameras


Hidden cameras on a property or inside a house can be very beneficial for homeowners when keeping their family members safe and protected. This method has become especially popular in cases of eldercare. While people are at work, they rely on home aides and nurses to give their elderly loved ones the assistance that they need.

Unfortunately, there have been circumstances in which those aides have been physically abusive towards the elderly. These cases went unheard because there was no video evidence of insufficient medical treatment and wrongdoing. However, with video and audio surveillance, these offenders are being caught in the act and properly punished.

The same surveillance is being used for taking care of children. Nanny-cams, as they are sometimes referred to, have caught the at-fault party while they didn’t even know it. Babysitters and nannies are entrusted with providing the best care possible for children, but a spy camera can help homeowners check on their kids in real-time to spot any at-home abuse. These spy gadgets are hardly noticeable and can provide families with greater peace of mind as to what goes on between their four walls when they’re not at home.

Audio Recordings


If you’re involved in a liability lawsuit in New Mexico, for example, you may find yourself looking for personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque. This can ring true in any part of the United States. If an injury attorney wants to take your case, they’re going to need concrete evidence. Recording devices can keep track of conversations to determine if a person is falling victim to a false claim that could lead to a significant financial loss for the at-fault party.

Microphones placed throughout the home can keep track of phone conversations and other secret messages that may be at the center of legal action. With audio proof, a plaintiff or defendant can easily garner the legal help they seek with an attainable case. This has become useful in personal injury cases where victims feign injury or are caught being negligent leading to their injury. Homeowners have especially come to rely on this spy camera technology when they are undergoing home repairs and welcoming workers into their household, entrusting them to be safe.

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