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Simple Tips for Making Great Branded Content

There are more than 3.8 billion social media users around the world. A great

There are more than 3.8 billion social media users around the world. A great way to attract potential customers and increase your brand value is to create brand awareness. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are perfect places to include in your content marketing strategy. The stronger your brand identity is, the more potential customers you will attract.

Basic Branding 101


Branding is about how consumers perceive your product, business, or you as a person. The key to effective branding is knowing what you want to achieve. Smart branding goals include driving awareness of your product or service, generating new leads, increasing sales, increasing customer loyalty, and delivering better customer service.

The best way to define your brand is to create an elevator pitch that answers three key questions. 1: What’s the name of your brand? 2: What’s your brand about? 3: What makes your brand different? You should be able to answer these questions without thinking. Social networks are places to be short, sweet, and to the point.

Be consistent across all social media platforms.


You must deliver a consistent brand identity across all products, marketing, customer service, and packaging. Your brand’s profile across social networks, blog posts, YouTube channels, and anywhere else online should align with your brand identity. It’s important to maintain consistency with graphics, color, font, style, language, and posting frequency.

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Design a logo that reflects your brand philosophy.


When potential customers see your brand, they should have an instant understanding of what your brand is about. A great way to design a logo is to think about what your brand does and doesn’t represent and find a way to integrate them.

A lot of people are using ad blockers when online, which means PPC and Google Ads aren’t the most effective marketing strategy. The key to running any successful content marketing campaign is to generate high-quality, engaging content. Branded content is a type of content marketing that promotes your brand without spamming your target audience with messages. Branded content relates to your brand but isn’t about your brand.

Blog posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube channel videos, and podcasts are great types of content that can raise brand awareness. This type of content doesn’t talk about your brand’s unique selling point, but rather gives your target audience something to come back for.

According to Trend, branded content marketing can help brands stand out in five ways. You can earn word-of-mouth referrals, deepen customer loyalty, eliminate ad clutter, improve your brand authority, and increase sales.

Use colors that make a statement.


A great way to give your brand personality is to use the right colors. Using a color palette with impact can help your brand better appeal to its target audience. You don’t need to have a complicated color palette, but make sure the colors you choose will align with your brand identity. Be consistent with colors in all of your posts across social networks to ensure a unified look.

Develop a tone of voice and brand writing style.


The tone of voice and your brand writing style is determined by your product and the demographics of your target audience. Think about what type of language your brand would use if it were a person. The tone should be clear, whether your brand is serious and formal or laid back and relatable. Consider what type of language your brand will use online. You should be able to identify the purpose behind your brand on social media, whether that’s educating your target audience or entertaining them.

Branded content is key to creating brand awareness and attracting potential customers to your business.

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