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NBN Sky Muster Satellite Explained

The NBN is meant to connect Australians no matter where they might live, even

The NBN is meant to connect Australians no matter where they might live, even in the most remote and rural locations. Switching over to the system can be frustrating and confusing, though, especially with all the acronyms flying around. Once you get a handle on the important basics, you’ll be able to choose the right plan for your family.

Understanding NBN Sky Muster

What is the NBN?

The NBN is the National Broadband Network, a federal project designed to ensure that every home and business across Australia has a fast and reliable connection. The government is attempting to get ahead by proactively getting rid of older infrastructures and those that will become dated within the next decade or so.

This is especially important in rural areas where both citizens and businesses can be cut off geographically from the rest of the nation, prompting innovation to deal with the distance

What speeds can I get?

There are four tiers offered by the NBN, but only two are available on Sky Muster satellite. The basic tier has a maximum download speed of about 12Mbps. The standard plan increases those speeds to 15Mbps.

That’s not the whole story, however, as your final speeds will depend on precisely which provider and plan you choose as well as how you’re connected and the amount of congestion in your area. These are also the max speeds you can expect during evening hours. If you’re connecting during off-peak times, you’ll get more speed.

What is Sky Muster? 

The sky muster satellite plan exists to connect people in the most remote areas where no other connection technology can reach. It’s important to understand that your connection to the NBN will depend on where you live and what infrastructure the government is currently built in your area. 

Unfortunately, many of us cannot choose how we connect. If no other connection technology is practical, you will have to connect through Sky Muster satellite.

Why are plans limited with Sky Muster?

Sky Muster satellite speeds are limited to only the basic and standard plans. This is because of the way the technology works. Instead of using fiber-optic cables or other connected technology, Sky Muster depends on ground stations. 

These stations beam the Internet up to a satellite which then beams it down to the dish attached to your property. This is a different dish from any you might have used before and must be specifically installed to work with Sky Muster. The time it takes to beam back and forth to the satellite restricts speeds more than with other types of connection technology.

How much will I pay?

Plan prices can vary depending on the provider you choose and whether you choose to use your data more during off-peak or on-peak times. Off-peak is 1 AM to 7 AM in your local time zone, and using data during these hours is much less expensive than using data at any other time.

As of this year, certain basic web browsing, email, and systems critical software updates won’t count as data usage, so you’ll only need to worry about paying for streaming entertainment services and other high-data usage activities. Expect to pay between $40 and $200 a month, depending on precisely what you choose.

What if I want more?

The new Sky Muster Plus plan is also available as of this year. It’s the most expensive, but it does mean that your speeds will not be choked as severely as they are under other Sky Muster plans. 

However, do remember that you share your speeds with everyone connected in your household, and if a lot of people are using it, your speeds to go down even if you’re paying for the most expensive plan.

Who is responsible for everything?

The wholesaler contracted by the federal government is responsible for actually building the network and for all the general maintenance that keeps it working. 

When you choose a plan, you are choosing a specific Internet service provider. That service provider is responsible for making sure your modem is working, providing you with actual Internet and phone services, and providing support after your connection is installed.

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