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How to Give Your House a Yearly DIY Inspection

Sticking to a regular home maintenance schedule is vital for your home’s upkeep. Monitoring

Sticking to a regular home maintenance schedule is vital for your home’s upkeep. Monitoring your home’s exterior, appliances, and systems is the best way to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Every homeowner should keep a home maintenance checklist to ensure all tasks are done on time. Take a look at the essential DIY inspections you should perform to ensure your home stays in peak performing condition.

Monthly Home Maintenance


Performing monthly home maintenance tasks makes things easier to track and manage. Keeping up with regular maintenance helps save both time and money. Each month, you should clean air filters and ensure they are free of dust build-ups. Check on the water softener and add more salt if needed. Test the batteries in all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and inspect electrical cords for wear and tear. Use a vacuum to clean heat registers and vents and ensure there’s no blockage.

Seasonal Home Maintenance


Fall tasks focus on preparing your home for winter weather. This is the time to test the sump pump and sweep out the chimney. Window screens should be removed and storm windows should be installed. Winterize central air conditioning and remove window unit air conditioners. All leaves and debris should be removed from the yard and any water features.

Winter home maintenance focuses on damage control rather than extensive repairs. Before cold winter weather kicks in, it’s important to inspect the gutters and lower roofs for ice dams. Make sure exterior hose bibs are secured and not covered in ice, and ensure there’s no pooling water anywhere in the yard.

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Springtime home maintenance focuses on post-winter cleanup and damage. Gutters should be cleaned and tested for draining. Carefully look over all exterior siding for damage and make the necessary repairs. The roof should be inspected for leaks, cracks, and loose shingles. Ensure there are no low-hanging or broken trees near your property that could compromise the roof or power lines.

Summer is the perfect season for taking on major repairs. Powerwash the exterior of your home, including the driveway, sidewalk, patio, and deck. Walk around the exterior and repair any damaged siding. Paint the exterior, restain the deck, and apply a fresh coat of sealant to any wood fencing. Empty your home’s water heater and ensure it’s free of sediment and mineral build-up.

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Regular Quarterly Maintenance


Each quarter, you should ensure that the temperature and pressure valve of your water heater is working and properly expels water. Ensure that the gauges on your fire extinguishers are correctly pressurized, and ensure that the dryer vent is venting outside. You should also test all GFCI outlets to ensure they are working properly.

Prioritizing home maintenance is the best way to keep your investment in peak condition.

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