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How New Technology Is Trying To Keep Us Safer

There’s no denying the profound influence technological advancements have had on the quality of

There’s no denying the profound influence technological advancements have had on the quality of human existence. Better and faster communication, improved access to information, and more productivity are some of the many benefits various tech inventions have brought to the modern world.

Technological advancements also continue to make the world a safer place in numerous ways. As such, it’s easier to protect yourself and your business by relying on some of these inventions. Here are some new technologies and how they’re making you more secure.

Open-source Intelligence Tools (OSINT) For Enhanced Physical Security


Open-source intelligence broadly refers to any information that you can gather from public sources freely. More specifically, it’s simply any information that can be found on the internet. Many companies invest in these OSINTs for their security teams to monitor digital spaces for relevant information about their company.

As such, threats to an organization and its employees can be detected, allowing an enterprise to protect itself better. Open-source intelligence tools often scour social media, the dark web, and platforms like chan boards for critical intel. Innovative corporate security tools providers such as LifeRaft can give more understanding about these boards.

LifeRaft’s Navigator platform is a corporate security solution that strengthens your enterprise’s security by identifying, assessing, and validating threats to your property, workers, and operations. The platform monitors multiple open sources like blogs, the deep and dark web, social media, and chat boards for information relevant to your organization and its operations. These boards are a critical area that the Navigator tool monitors for valuable intel. These boards are anonymous forums that exist on the regular internet and deep web alike. 2chan, 4chan, and 8chan are some of the popular boards in existence these days.

Users typically discuss topics of interest and share images like memes on these sites. However, it isn’t uncommon to come across violent threats, extremist behaviors, intel on shootings, data leaks, harassment, and other concerning posts on boards. Luckily, open-source intelligence tools like LifeRaft can monitor these boards and filter interactions on them to detect relevant intel to your company, ensuring corporate safety.

Driverless Cars to Reduce Car Crashes

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 94% of all road crashes are down to human error. As such, numerous car manufacturers are developing autonomous cars to reduce the number of car crashes on our roads, protecting drivers and pedestrians alike. These autonomous vehicles use machine learning algorithms to collect data from their surroundings using cameras and other sensors. Then, these vehicles can interpret the data and decide the best actions to take in a particular situation.

Machine learning even allows these automobiles to perform these tasks as well as or even better than human drivers over time. Leading tech websites such as Future Insights can shed more light on autonomous technology in vehicles.

Future Insights is a technology platform that offers perspectives on the various technological advancements worldwide that’ll have a meaningful and lasting impression on the global society. Their article on statistics for autonomous vehicles highlights some exciting facts on vehicle automation. Companies like Waymo and Tesla are modern leaders in vehicle automation, but the autonomous car concept dates as far back as 1939.

Additionally, many major car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and Ford are now working on their autonomous vehicle technologies. Also, Uber is exploring driverless car technology, and Tesla reportedly promises a robo-taxi service soon. However, 71% of survey respondents disclosed their reluctance to ride in fully automated cars, indicating low consumer acceptance. Also, there have been five recorded fatalities so far from automated vehicle (AV) usage.

Authentication Technology for Safer Banking


Banking has evolved into an online affair, allowing many people to stay on top of their funds using their phones and personal computers. As such, many people have synced up their computers and phones to their digital bank account.

These digital bank accounts require usernames and passwords when logging in, and you can also bolster your computers with facial recognition or fingerprint technology to make it harder for unauthorized parties to access your account information. In addition, banks and financial institutions are also using iris scanners, voice recognition, and facial recognition to guarantee safer banking.

Technology has had several positive influences on our world today. The points above are insights into how various technologies have made the world a safer place for everyone.

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