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Common Causes of Moving Truck Accidents

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current home or want to live in a different neighborhood.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current home or want to live in a different neighborhood. Suppose you’ve received a work transfer to a different city or state. These situations could motivate you to relocate.

Moving’s a significant task involving multiple steps. Moving can also be hazardous. You might be aware of possibly injuring your back while lifting heavy boxes, but you could also be in an accident while transporting your possessions to your new home. Let’s take a look at some common causes of moving truck accidents, how you can prevent them, and what to do if you’re in a moving truck accident.



The average car length is 14.7 feet while moving trucks can be 26 feet long. Moving trucks also have more blind spots, and drivers who aren’t used to navigating a truck that size could be in an accident while driving a moving truck to their new home.

You can reduce the risk you’ll cause a motor vehicle accident by hiring a professional moving company. Movers have plenty of experience driving moving trucks, reducing the chances they’ll be in an auto accident. Movers handle all your moving needs. When you hire one of the best Miami moving companies, their team can come to your home, pack your belongings, load the moving truck, and transport your possessions to your new house. Moving companies can also transport your property to a storage unit if you need to renovate your new house before unloading your possessions. Once you’re ready to unpack, your movers will bring the boxes into your home.



Relocating involves multiple steps and significant life adjustments, which is why many people feel moving is stressful. Stress makes it hard to concentrate, leading to motor vehicle accidents.

Suppose you’re in an accident caused by someone driving a moving truck. Contact a car accident lawyer in Colorado for a free consultation. Hire a personal injury attorney to prepare your personal injury case. Your attorney will file a lawsuit against the at-fault party and fight for you to receive fair compensation for medical expenses stemming from your car accident. Your attorney will draw from their years of experience handling auto accident lawsuits and gather evidence, such as witness statements and the police report. If they cannot negotiate a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company, they’ll present evidence in court. While moving stress may have contributed to the accident, that doesn’t negate the driver’s liability. Accident victims can pursue compensation for medical bills, property damage, and emotional distress stemming from their accident.

New Traffic Patterns


Driving in new areas can increase your risk of an accident. Drivers aware of dangerous intersections can take steps to reduce their risks when approaching those intersections. Drivers unfamiliar with the area won’t know about locations where they should use extra caution. Drivers may also encounter unfamiliar traffic patterns. Suppose you’ve never driven on a traffic circle before, but there’s a traffic circle on the primary route you need to take to your new home. Confusion from unfamiliar road patterns can increase your risk of an accident.

Getting lost can also increase your chances of being in an auto accident. You may be tempted to pull up directions on your phone or check a map. Distracted driving increases the chances you’ll cause an accident.



Packing and loading boxes into a moving vehicle is a lot of work, and moving involves several days of manual labor. By the time you’re ready to take your possessions to your new home, you may be exhausted. Fatigue increases your chances of a motor vehicle accident. Eliminate this risk by hiring a moving company to pack and transport your possessions.

Hiring a moving company can reduce your risk of a moving truck accident because you won’t have to navigate a large vehicle on unfamiliar streets when you’re exhausted. Contact a personal injury attorney if you’re in an accident caused by someone driving a moving truck.

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