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A Checklist for Startup Businesses No Matter the Industry

The specific requirements to start-up businesses vary from one industry to the other. For

The specific requirements to start-up businesses vary from one industry to the other. For instance, the amount of capital for creating a fintech business might differ from what you need to set up a brick-and-mortar store for serial buyers of gaming accessories. But there are some general areas like marketing and taxes that no new business can afford to miss regardless of its industry. This checklist can help your startup business excel no matter the industry.

Business Plan


Before a good idea can be seen as a business worthy of other stakeholders’ investment and time, you need a business plan. There may be no specific format to follow in creating a business plan. You can check out different templates online to identify your best fit. However, it’s essential you don’t limit your business plan to your good idea only. The next step after idea generation can include considerations for business funding and operations.

You can get business finances in different ways. If you’re building an online store, you can opt for ecommerce business loans. There are also several private and government financing options for entrepreneurs across industries. The U.S. government, for instance, has made available small business administration loans for businesses due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a business owner, the kind of loan you opt for and the financing company fronting the loan will determine how much you get. Other factors they may consider can include your eligibility requirements, legal structure, and credibility score. Therefore, it pays to have all this information sorted out in your business plan.

Marketing Strategy

The best way to reach existing and potential clients is to create a strategic plan for good consistent marketing results. Usually, the process begins with market research to help you carve out the right audience and establish your marketing growth goals. The next step can be to identify how your marketing department can use marketing tools like a content calendar to achieve your marketing goals.

What is a marketing calendar? Marketing calendars are a great way to create social media posts across multiple social channels. With an automated content calendar, a startup can create quality content for an entire year using a publishing schedule. This schedule allows you to set important dates to publish content on different channels. Today, businesses have easy access to different types of marketing calendar templates. You’ll find many free marketing calendar templates to download.

Business Insurance

Uncertain times in business almost always come. A typical example can be COVID-19 and its impact on businesses. Accidents and unplanned scenarios like fire and fraud can also plunge businesses into uncertain times. These situations can cost businesses a lot of money to weather the storm. Some extreme emergencies may even run you out of business.

The last thing large and small business owners want is to be left with unexpected costs when a business needs all the money it can get to stand its ground. An excellent option to be on the safe side is business insurance. Insurance is essential for all companies, regardless of the industry your business applies to.


Where you work can have a lot of benefits for your workforce. An open-access work environment with increased communication opportunities can positively impact an entire team’s workflow and daily tasks. As a business owner, it pays to treat your workspace as a priority. It can go a long way to make your journey in the business world more manageable.

Branding and Packaging


Branding is a common way for businesses to create personal relationships with new customers. Streamlining your logo and other brand assets can help etch an indelible mark in the memories of customers. An even better way is how brands like Coca-Cola use efficient brand messaging to draw customers closer to them. Business plans change all the time, but an efficient brand can stick with a consumer forever. And that is one of the things many businesses in all industries continue to chase.

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