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5 Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents happen all the time, and unfortunately, they are often preventable. By increasing

Workplace accidents happen all the time, and unfortunately, they are often preventable. By increasing your awareness, hopefully, you will have a better understanding of what to look out for and how to better perform your job without putting unnecessary strain on your body, as well as a few tips for what to do if you find yourself dealing with a personal injury claim.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries, sometimes called repetitive strain injuries, can aren’t only a byproduct of a high impact career. RSIs can cause strain on your joints in any capacity. As long as you are performing a repetitive motion, whether it be carrying a heavy tray in a restaurant, using a large power tool, or even the small movements made while typing and using a mouse.

Unfortunately, this type of workplace injury is often not noted because the way it presents is not as apparent as others. You can take preventative action every day. By stretching your shoulders, making your office a more comfortable and user-friendly environment, or even just taking a short break, giving your neck and shoulders a chance to rest, you will be putting less stress on your body.

Muscle Strains

Somewhat similar to the frequency of repetitive motion injuries, muscle strains are just as easy to develop. Improperly lifting or pushing, or even just sitting at your desk for a little too long can cause strain to your muscles.

Muscle strain can be prevented and alleviated in a similar fashion to RSIs, stretching, massage therapy, and always make sure to get up and move around.

Falls are especially frequent and hard to prevent. Bunched up carpeting, a chair out of place, some spilled water, or any variety of other possible obstacles can cause anyone to slip or trip resulting in a fall. This workplace incident is a bit harder to control than the others we’ve mentioned, but there are still ways you can keep your coworkers, clients, and yourself safe while at your place of work. Keep the floors free of clutter and cords, make sure all handrails are secured, the physical space is adequately lit, and any spills are cleaned up as soon as possible.

Surprisingly, there is much more to a fall than a simple trip or slip. After your fall, you must take all the proper steps to ensure you receive the appropriate care and potential compensation that you deserve.

Falling Objects

In certain workplaces, the risk of being hit by a falling object is rather high. This type of accident is also known as a toppling incident. These accidents are most common in warehouses, stock rooms, and any other area that may have an excess of overhead shelving. Like falls, this is much harder to gain control over than injuries like muscle strains. Falling objects typically cause injuries to your head and neck, depending on how the fall occurs, of course, but it is always crucial that you seek medical attention.


We probably don’t think about the possibility of being in a crash while at work, but collisions can occur anywhere there is a vehicle, whether it be a forklift, a golf cart, or a truck. The easiest ways to prevent a crash are to make sure that everyone around the vehicle is by observing the proper safety precautions.

If you do find yourself in the middle of a workplace injury incident, consider looking into income protection insurance that will help you to continue receiving some of your benefits if you are unable to work due to your workplace accident. Compare income protection insurance plans and policies to find the one that best fits your current needs and situation. For further help and more information, you can find income protection with iSelect.

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